Tendai Biti is an "opportunist" and a danger to the MDC

In April 2014, then President of the Activity for Democratic Change Morgan Tsvangirai got rid of Tendai Biti from the MDC. Tsvangirai called Biti an "go-getter" and also explaining his expulsion from the celebration stated: "He [Mr Biti] tricked us all. The man does not believe in anything, except his power."

Five years later on as well as it is currently particular that Tsvangirai was one hundred per cent right. After being discarded of the MDC-T, Biti developed the MDC-Renewal and afterwards transformed it right into the People's Democratic Celebration, that celebration divided into 2 intrigues in 2017, prior to Biti finally wormed his way back into the MDC after Tsvangirai died in 2018.

Every one of the destructive divides that has actually maintained the opposition from unity can be mapped back to Biti and his desire for power.


If he does not get to lead and get his method, he simply breaks short as well as begins with a brand-new celebration or division.


Allow's not fail to remember that Tsvangirai chucked him out of the party for Biti's unlawful assembling of a National Council meeting where he stated that the MDC leader Tendai Biti is a risk was suspended, in addition to many various other participants, like present MDC head Nelson Chamisa.

Biti will certainly make use of any kind of trick to be successful, even at the cost of the Zimbabwean individuals.

He is the one that went behind Chamisa's back as well as stage-managed the embrace of Grace and Robert Mugabe at the last political elections, as well as it could be that he is still in league with 'Gucci Grace'. It seems that absolutely nothing is beneath him to be successful.

Biti is probably best known as the engineer of crippling UNITED STATE assents ZIDERA, and as Wikileaks as well as the public document explain, with Biti's continuous needs that the assents stay in position they would certainly have been gone down a long time ago.

He takes American money, stature and also placements, like becoming an other at the American think-tanks, the Brookings Institute and also Center for Global Advancement. This indicates that he is taking American cash and instructions while the typical Zimbabwean suffers.

It is clear that after numerous years in opposition we require complete unity of objective as well as leaders that put individuals initially, prior to political possibility. They need to do what's ideal for the MDC so we can climb again.

Regrettably, none of this will certainly occur while Biti is still a leader of the MDC.

Tsvangirai saw this for himself. It could have taken a couple of even more years, but more and more are currently waking up to this surprising fact that Biti the opportunist as well as deceiver needs to go.